Dr. Tamir Ailon is a neurosurgeon specializing in adult spinal deformity with the Spine Surgery Institute at Vancouver General Hospital. Dr. Ailon’s current practice focuses on degenerative spinal disorders, spinal deformity including scoliosis, craniocervical junction abnormalities, spinal tumors, and trauma. Dr. Ailon also serves as a Clinical Instructor in the Department of Orthopaedics at the University of British Columbia.

Dr. Ailon’s research interests concentrate on clinical outcomes of spine surgery. He is involved in studies using a newly developed national registry through which he aims to help develop new protocols and benchmarks to ultimately improve the quality of spinal care across the country.

Dr. Ailon completed residency in neurosurgery at the University of British Columbia, a Master of Public Health in clinical epidemiology and comparative effectiveness research at Harvard University, and advanced spine surgery fellowship training at the University of Virginia. He is an active member of the Canadian Spine Society and AO Spine North America.

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