How to Become A Patient at Vancouver Spine Surgery Institute

In order to become a patient of the Vancouver Spine Surgery Institute, you must have a referral submitted by your family physician. In order to help facilitate the processing of your referral, please ensure that current imaging (X-rays, CT scans, MRI scans) is submitted along with your referral. Incomplete referrals will be returned to your family physician.

As a primary trauma centre in British Columbia, we receive a high volume of referrals each day. Referrals will be processed in a timely manner and appointments issued based on the urgency and severity of each individual case and condition.

Patient appointments occur on the second floor of the Blusson Spinal Cord Centre at the Brenda & David McLean Integrated Spine Clinic.

Clinic Phone: 604-875-4992
Clinic Fax: 604-875-5858

Patient Care Instructions

Once you have been given a surgery date, you will receive a complete information package including details on how to prepare for your surgery and details regarding your required pre-admission clinic appointment date.

Following surgery and prior to discharge from hospital, patients will be given post-operative instructions and details on booking a follow-up appointment to see their surgeon.

VGH Pre-Admission


Pre-Surgery Skin Prep


Pre-Operative Education Booklet


Laminectomy Exercise